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Ash Eye
     Ash Monitor

The new Ash Eye is a much improved instrument based upon the previous Bretby Gammatech Natural Gamma Coal Quality Monitor (NGCQM). It is a non-contacting, fully on-line ash monitor providing second-by-second information on the ash content of conveyed coal.

The Ash Eye contains no radio active sources as it uses Natural Gamma Technology.

The Ash Eye incorporates a new and improved algorithm leading to greater consistency in ash measurement.
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Ash Probe
     Ash Monitor

The Ash Probe is a hand portable instrument for measuring the ash content of piles, wagons or trucks of coal. It provides the user with ash readings within seconds. It contains no radioactive sources.

The latest version has the Display Unit housed in a new carry case incorporating a shoulder strap and removable lid. These new features make the Ash Probe even easier to use in the field.

The internal configuration of probe has also been updated which has improved its robustness. The software has recently been updated to enable "Pile Mode" or "Truck Mode" operation. With these new modes the user is lead through the appropriate operation without needing to remember what buttons to press. There is also a "Calibration Mode".

Pile Mode is suitable for piles that may need many probings. For growing piles data can be added to at any time. Truck Mode is suitable for Truck (Wagon or Lorry) deliveries where a relatively small number of probings is required (<12) and once completed the data cannot be added to
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Gamma Eye
     Bucket Monitor
Gamma eye bucket monitor OVERVIEW

The Bucket Monitor provides a quick assessment of the bulk gamma contamination of excavated material within the bucket of a mechanical digger. This instrument contains a large scintillation crystal which is mounted within a substantial frame. The sensor is pre-calibrated for the contamination isotope of interest and can be set to alarm for discrete activity bands.

The driver of the mechanical digger rests the bucket containing the excavated material on the frame and after a few seconds it provides him with a visual indication of the level of gamma contamination in the bucket. This indication is provided by a traffic light system - red, amber and green denoting the band within which the gamma contamination occurs. On the basis of this information the driver deposits the load in the appropriate place for subsequent disposal or processing. During operation no personnel are required to take meter readings which is a key safety feature. Once calibrated the 'Bucket Monitor' is very simple and rapid to use.

No specialist nucleonic knowledge is required by the operator. The driver simply observes and acts upon the traffic light indications. He does not even need to activate the counting process as the instrument automatically senses when the bucket is correctly positioned. This instrument has already found applications at five different sites.
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Gamma Eye
     On-belt Monitor
gamma eye on-belt monitor OVERVIEW

The Gamma Eye is a fully on-line system providing a continuous assessment of the gamma activity of a conveyed load. In this instrument a large scintillation crystal is mounted over the conveyor transporting material such as soil, rubble or other bulk debris, suspected of being gamma contaminated.

As with the Bucket Monitor it works on a gross gamma signal and can be pre-calibrated for the contamination isotopes of interest. It provides a visual and audible warning if a user-selectable predetermined gamma count level has been exceeded. The instrument can, for example, provide signals to activate a diverter to deflect material above a specified activity level off the conveyor. Alternatively, the Control Unit can provide a 'lock out' signal to the conveyor. The conveyor can only be restarted when the offending material, such as a radium dial, has been removed and the gamma count level has reduced to below the set threshold.

The throughput is only limited by the feed rate to and the capacity of the conveyor. As with the bucket monitor there are no moving parts and it is simple to set up and use. The Belt Monitor is powered by a standard 120-240VAC 50Hz supply.
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Heat Eye
     Ash Monitor
Heat eye ash monitor OVERVIEW

The Heat Eye is a new instrument providing second-by-second information on the Ash, Moisture and Nett Calorific Value (Nett CV) of conveyed coal. This gives the principal benefit of providing higher quality product with a consistent Nett CV - with obvious savings in time and money.

It comprises a Bretby Gammatech Ash Eye (updated NGCQM) fully integrated with a Moisture Monitor (eg the Callidan MA-500).

The Heat Eye contains no radioactive sources - it uses Natural Gamma and Microwave Technology.
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Lab Ash
     Ash Monitor
Lab ash, ash monitor OVERVIEW

The LabAsh is a laboratory instrument providing a quick measurement of the ash content of a crushed sample of coal. It is easy to use and provides accurate results within a few minutes.

The LabAsh has been successfully sold to many countries around the world. It has proven to be an economical choice for many laboratory customers.

There are no radioactive sources - the LabAsh uses Natural Gamma Technology.
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