Gamma Eye on Belt monitor

eye on belt monitor174-ash-monitor-4


The Gamma Eye is a fully on-line system providing a continuous assessment of the gamma activity of a conveyed load. In this instrument a large scintillation crystal is mounted over the conveyor transporting material such as soil, rubble or other bulk debris, suspected of being gamma contaminated.

As with the Bucket Monitor it works on a gross gamma signal and can be pre-calibrated for the contamination isotopes of interest. It provides a visual and audible warning if a user-selectable predetermined gamma count level has been exceeded. The instrument can, for example, provide signals to activate a diverter to deflect material above a specified activity level off the conveyor. Alternatively, the Control Unit can provide a 'lock out' signal to the conveyor. The conveyor can only be restarted when the offending material, such as a radium dial, has been removed and the gamma count level has reduced to below the set threshold.

The throughput is only limited by the feed rate to and the capacity of the conveyor. As with the bucket monitor there are no moving parts and it is simple to set up and use. The Belt Monitor is powered by a standard 120-240VAC 50Hz supply. 

Click here to view or download the PDF for more detailed information Gamma Eye on Belt Monitor

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