Hand Held Ash Probe



The Ash Probe is a hand portable instrument for measuring the ash content of stock piles, wagons or trucks of coal. It provides the user with ash readings within seconds. It contains no radioactive sources.

The latest version has the Display Unit housed in a new carry case incorporating a shoulder strap and removable lid. These new features make the Ash Probe even easier to use in the field.

The internal configuration of probe has also been updated which has improved its robustness. The software has recently been updated to enable "Stock Pile Mode" or "Truck Mode" operation. With these new modes the user is lead through the appropriate operation without needing to remember what buttons to press. There is also a "Calibration Mode".

Stock Pile Mode is suitable for stock piles that may need many probings. For growing stock piles data can be added to at any time. Truck Mode is suitable for Truck (Wagon or Lorry) deliveries where a relatively small number of probings is required (<12) and once completed the data cannot be added to.

Click here to view or download the PDF for more detailed information  Handeld Ash Probe

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