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3012 Multi Function
     Tank Gauge
3012 Multi Function Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

The MTG™ “Multi-function Gauge” provides more data and the lowest cost of ownership of all "Inventory" tank gauges on the market. MTG™ customers experience both economic and operational benefits from its use, typically seeing payback on the MTG™ within the first year of operation.

It is the only tank gauge (single instrument) to provide all necessary data to calculate volume by either Hybrid Method (Level, Temperature, Density, & Water) or Hydrostatic Method (Mass, Density, & Water) in real time directly from the gauge. The MTG™ 3012 transmitter supports over 1,000 strapping points and can provide diagnostic measurements, raw measured data, or calculated data. It is the perfect gauge for use with DCS, SCADA, and HMI software
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     Tank Gauge
Redundant Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

The GSI 3024 Redundant MTG2 is a tank gauge that provides all the features and options of the GSI 3012 MTG, only doubled. It is literally two independent 3012 MTG’s within one physical probe (in tank conduit). (See 3012 MTG information).

It was designed for companies wishing to install both a primary ATG (Automatic Tank Gauge) and ATG acting as a secondary high level alarm system or doubling as a backup to the primary ATG.
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     Tank Gauge
Hydrostatic Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

HTP 3050 – Hydrostatic Tank Probe overcomes the poor design and high structural costs of conventional HTG (Hydrostatic Tank Gauges) by providing; Mass, Average product temperature,

Other application specific versions of the MTG 3012 are available.

Applications include; Tanks up to 300’ in height (MTG 3012-L “Long”), Sanitary tanks for food process (MTG 3012-S “Sanitary”), High pressure tanks – spherical tanks (MTG 3012-H “High Pressure” a combination of the 3024 and L), Production tanks 16’ – 24’ in height (MTG 3000-P “Production” currently in Beta testing), and Marine tankers & barges (MTG 3012-M “Marine” a combination of the 3024, L, and Brass).
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3025 Multi-function
     Tank Gauge
Multi-function Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

MTP 3025 – Multi-function Tank Probe is designed to complement the use of any Level Gauge (Radar, Servo, etc.). The MTP provides; Multi-point spot temperature, Average product temperature, Multi-strata density, Average density, free water, and options such as Entrained water, Vapor pressure, and Vapor temperature.
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Float & Tape
     Tank Gauge
Float & Tape Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

Sometimes referred to as a “Mechanical gauge”, “Automatic tank gauge”, or “Float & Tape tank gauge”, the GSI-2570 is used to measure the level (or interface) of product within a liquid storage tank.

Basic Functionality:
Changes in liquid level cause the float to travel up or down on the product. The float is physically connected to a perforated tape. The counter balance spring keeps the perforated tape taut as it extends and retracts from the gauge head, actuating the counter assembly and viewable counter indication (level).
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MMP Gauge
     Tank Gauge
MMP Gauge Tank Gauge OVERVIEW

MMP is a new gauge recently introduced to the market. It is the third generation of the CAP product line.

The MMP can physically install within any tank up to 20 feet (6m) in height (UST, AST, Rail Car, Tank trucks, Bullet tanks, Cylinder Tanks, etc.). It is simply not just another gauge, it is truly unique.

Consider a probe that is nothing but stainless steel pipe, with no sensitive elements in contact with liquid media and No Moving Parts. Contemplate a probe with custody transfer level accuracy (±1mm) working equally well with both liquefied gases and liquids. Bear in mind this probe provides multi-point spot temperature and average product temperature measurements. Think about a probe that can measure water level with the same millimeter accuracy as liquid level.
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Intelligent Field
Intelligent Field Interface OVERVIEW

The GSI-E/IFI "Enhanced - Intelligent Field Interface" provides multiple integration solutions for tank gauging. We have yet to find a situation where it doesn't provide the functionality that you want!

Designed to be used either in the control room or in the field (tank farm). The E/IFI is a modular field interface design. The E/IFI can be thought as the Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, Building Blocks, or Lego’s of the tank-gauging world, providing connectivity between all local or remote technologies, topologies, and HMI's.
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Enhanced / Tank Gauge
Enhanced / Tank Gauge Interface OVERVIEW

The E/TGI is a field mounted tank gauge interface that provides the following:
  • Local display
  • Protocol conversion
  • Topology conversion
  • Data Concentrator
  • Programmable device for custom software applications
  • and RTU

Features include:
  • One RS 232/485 and Single or redundant 10BaseT (RJ-45) or 10BaseT-FL (Fiber) ports to a host device.
  • WEB enabled TCP/IP (connectivity to Intranet / Internet is browser supported).
  • One RS 232/485 port to field devices.
  • I.S. Barriers, Optical Isolation, & Surge Protectors to field devices (based upon field devices used).
  • Single or multiple tanks per unit (based upon field devices used)
  • Optional: I/O boards
  • NEMA 7 or NEMA 4X units are available.
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Solar Unit
Solar Unit Interface OVERVIEW

The GSI-1525 Solar Interface Unit (SIU) is designed to provide local power to both the gauge technology and communications (cabling) topology. Typically used in remote areas where power and a direct means of communication are not available or where the cost of installation is less than traditional hardwire and conduit.
  • GSI manufactures a variety of single or multiple tank interfaces using solar power. Size will vary based upon installation location (climate), gauge technology, and communications (cabling) topology used.
  • Gauge technologies available include: Multi-function Tank Gauge (MTG), Radar (RTG), Capacitance probe (CAP), Magnetostrictive, Mechanical gauge & Transmitter, Ultrasonic (UST), Guided Wave Impulse Radar (TDR), and others.
  • Level point switches and other I/O can be utilized.
  • Communications / Cabling methods include: BlueTooth, Spread Spectrum Radio, Cellular, Satellite, Microwave, Ethernet 10BASE-FL Fiber Link, and WEB enabled
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Interface Field Unit
Interface Field Unit OVERVIEW

The 1420 Field Display Unit from Gauging Systems Inc. combines years of experience and expertise in legacy field bus technologies and protocols to bring an intelligent field display that can interface to a wide range of different vendor sensors, transmitters, and instruments.

Where traditionally instruments from different vendors have had proprietary interfaces and protocols demanding separate displays for each instrument, this unit can display data from many different vendor instruments through one integrated unit.

Consequently the cost of providing field indication of data in tank gauging and tank inventory applications can now be significantly reduced.

This device is ATEX approved for installation into hazardous areas and provides a means for user interaction to navigate the different displays provided with the system.
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Mini Tank Receiver
Mini Tank Receiver Interface OVERVIEW

The new Mini Tank Receiver from Gauging Systems Inc. is a small integrated tank gauging and tank inventory management system, utilizing the latest embedded Windows Technology.

It features a full graphical LCD display with touch screen technology, up to 8 configurable serial communication ports that can serve as host or field ports, full inventory calculations to API/ASTM standards, an OPC DataAccess Server and much more.

In addition to being a small tank inventory management system, it can be used as a foreign device gateway to higher level DCS and site wide business information systems by providing an open interface to older legacy and proprietary protocols and interfaces.
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Windows Tank Gauging Professional
Windows Tank Gauging Professional OVERVIEW

The Win TG Pro is the first tank gauging software on the market designed and developed for the newest Microsoft Windows based operating systems (2000, XP Professional, etc.). The architecture provides for single user to distributed enterprise applications. A server with multiple clients can be distributed throughout a plant or, via an Intranet, throughout the company. The Win TG Pro is designed to meet current and future .NET platform capabilities.
  Data Sheet
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Hand TG Pro
Hand TG Pro Software OVERVIEW

The GSI-1155 Hand TG PRO is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with software specifically designed for tank gauging applications. Used from non-classified areas, outside of the tank dike. The software applications options include:
  • Remote tank farm operators interface (Win TG PRO Client); monitor alarms, individual tank movement, tank parameters, messages, etc.
  • Entry of tank hand lines on site (time & date stamped with download capability to the Win TG PRO Software) for automated yield reporting
  • Local calibration and diagnostics of instruments (GSI-3000 MTG, GSI-3100 CAP, GSI-2000/APTB Transmitter, etc.)
  • Remote viewing of instrument manuals, drawings, parts list, and maintenance history (Win TG PRO with SQL Database and Maintenance PRO Software)
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