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PLC Control Systems
     Viscosity Controller
PLC Control Systems Viscosity Controller OVERVIEW

The VISC6000 Viscosity Control System is a simple, low cost, and dependable viscosity control system for monitoring and controlling printing inks, lacquers, adhesives, mirror coatings, wire coatings, can coatings, needle coatings, chemicals, and other applications. The VISC6000 viscosity control system can be used with any Norcross viscosity sensor.
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MP 2000 Series
     Viscosity Controller
MP 2000 Series Viscosity Controller OVERVIEW

The single channel MP2000 Viscosity Controller is compatible with any NORCROSS Measuring Element. Its compact size and economical pricing provide attractive multiple installations in configurations for two to eight or more stations. As a testimony to our equipment and support, we have many viscometers that have been in continuous service for over 25 years.
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MP 2500
     Viscosity Controller
MP 2500 Viscosity Controller OVERVIEW

The single channel MP2500 Viscosity Controller is compatible with all Norcross Measuring Elements. The compact size and simplicity of the MP2500 enable simple multiple unit installation.
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Tank Mount pH Control System
     pH Controllers
Tank Mount pH Control System pH Controller OVERVIEW

The sensor tip is connected to a transmitter, by means of a plastic pipe with internal wiring. The transmitter converts the native pH probe signal into a 4-20madc signal. A signal suitable for transmission to the remotely mounted MP2000pH controller.
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Shell Cup
Shell Cup Viscometer OVERVIEW

The Shell Cup is a simple, reliable device for measuring the viscosity of a wide range of fluids. Originally developed for use with printing inks, it has found widespread applications as diverse as fuel oil and industrial finishes — for calibrating other viscosity sensors as well as for primary measurements.
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     Viscosity Sensing Elements
M8B Viscosity Sensing Elements OVERVIEW

  • The sturdy measuring tube will support tank depth up to 72”
  • Used in solvent-based application such as starch, paints, coating, and ipoxy.
  • The piston rod assembly is enclosed inside the support rod, and the fluid intake is at the bottom of the support rod.
  • Works under atmospheric pressure.
  • Flushing tube in the upper protion is connected to a pressurized solvent supply via a manually operatedvalve that alows for flushing of the inside of the tube during washdowns.
  • Optional circulating holes are furnished for apllications not involving volatile solvents to permit free passage of liquid throughout the tube to prevent liquid from drying and building up inside the tube.
  • It can be used with Norcross Viscosity Controller MP2000/MP2500 or VISC6000.
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     Viscosity Sensing Elements
M20 Viscosity Sensing Elements OVERVIEW

  • Versatile mounting options such as on the top, side or bottom of a chemical reactor and into a tee or elbow of a pipeline.
  • It can be used with Norcross Viscosity Controller MP2000/MP2500 or VISC6000.
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     Viscosity Sensing Elements
MFB0 Viscosity Sensing Elements OVERVIEW

  • Operates like the M8BO, this model is CE approved and intrinsically safe.
  • This sensor is good for open tanks between 10" (254mm) and 24" (610mm) deep.
  • It can be used in water-based and solvent-based applications, such as printing (Flexographic and Rotogravure), glues, and adhesives.
  • Works under atmospheric pressure.
  • The exposed piston rod and cylinder enables operators to observe its operation.
  • Removable wetted parts and open rod construction allow easy cleaning.
  • The MFBO is compatible with the MP2000, MP2500 or VISC6000 Controller.
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     Viscosity Sensing Elements
M50 Viscosity Sensing Elements OVERVIEW

  • The M50 mounts directly in the ink/coating line. Placement in a sidestream is not necessary.
  • Can be used with either solvent or water-based applications, such as printing ink (Flexographic and Rotogravure), glue, and adhesives.
  • The falling piston principle of operation provides automatic self cleaning.
  • The ‘true’ in line mounting insures flushing of the sensor whenever the ink fountain is being cleaned.
  • The M50 is easy to open for inspection.
  • It can be used with any Norcross Viscosity Controller, such as the MP2000, MP2500 or VISC6000.
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